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The Joint Alumni Association of Arnold Air Society, Angel Flight, and Silver Wings maintains a database of alumni for multiple purposes: career advice, alumni from your chapter or squadron, and information on a place you’ll be moving are a few examples.

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Connect With Alumni

We have a new contact form on the website to allow you to reach out to alumni of Arnold Air Society, Silver Wings, and Angel Flight! You can use this form to find alumni in your area, talk with alumni who is in a career field of interest to you, ask for advice from alumni who held your position, find alumni who are at a particular base, etc. Your request gets sent to the JAA and they will find a member who matches what you are looking for. Visit the form here.

Visit the JAA page at:

Spread Your Reach

Is your chapter or squadron fundraising for something like Relay For Life, Dance Marathon, or anything else? If so, the Arnold Air Society, Angel Flight, and Silver Wings Joint Alumni Association (JAA) can add information and links to this on our website Also, we will post about it on our Facebook page, Twitter, Linked In, and newsletter. Just have someone send information on to me, Summer Folsom, the Tech Officer for JAA. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]