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Important Announcements

04/03/2015 - Spring Arnold Air Letter
In the spring edition of the AAL you'll find a farewell from the national commander, and highlights of meaningful service from accross the nation. This edition is all about you!

1/08/2015 - Fall Arnold Air Letter
In this edition of the AAL you'll find National Highlights, articles from the Squadrons, examples of meaningful service, NATCON registration information, and much more!

10/07/2014 - Youtube
We've updated our Youtube account!  On it you can find AAS recruiting videos, service project videos, Air Force PA, and monthly updates.  There are a lot of cool things you can watch and learn, check it out!

10/02/2014 - Dues: Special Announcement Video
Invoices for dues have been sent out.  If you are a renewing member or a spring initiate who has not paid yet, your dues are due 31 October.  Log in and pay under "Reminders and News".  All members will fit under one of these four options:

Member Type Renewals Due
Spring Inititate (Did not pay yet) 31 October
Spring Initiate (Paid in Spring) 30 April
All other current members 31 Oct
Future members 1 year from first dues payment

09/01/2014DC Profile Update 
Members can now upload personal photos to their profiles!  Please remember to keep photos appropriate and professional.

05/30/2014 - Internship Applications
Check the Internship Page for new internships! Affiliated Internships are specifically looking for AAS or SW Members.  Unaffiliated internships are ones that our members have held and highly recommend!

Latest and Greatest

12/11/2014 - Capt. Dubois Recognition
In memorial of him, a graduate of University of Colorado, Boulder in 2008 and member of the 77th Fighter Squadron at Shaw AFB, South Carolina

10/23/2014 - The Society Scoop - Edition 2 of the national newsletter is out and published!  Check it out!  Highlight - George V. Holloman Squadron assists local church in helping adults gain confidence.

10/05/2014 - JROTC MOU Signing - AAS and Air Force JROTC have signed a memorandum, agreeing to mutually support each organization's mission.  The full text of the JROTC MOU is up on the site here.

10/02/2014 - AFRL DG Recognized - The Air Force Research Lab in Rome, NY recognized an AAS member as a distinguished graduate.  C/Benjamin Yunker was last year's National Webmaster and was selected to be sponsored by the Airlift and Tanker Association to have an internship at AFRL.

09/30/2014 - Flight Scholarships Announced - AAS & SW Members have the opportunity to win $1,500 in scholarships for flight training.  Any level of experience is encouraged to apply.  Click on the date to reveal how to apply & more information!

09/26/2014 - Executive Board IRun4 - AAS & SW National and Area/Region leadership participated in IRun4 while at DC for the fall executive board meeting.  We ran for a girl named Peyton, click the date for a video of your leadership in action.

09/23/2014 - The Society Scoop - Edition 1 of the national newsletter is out and published!  Check it out!  Highlight - Executive Board fall meeting.

09/23/2014 - CAP MOU Signing - AAS and CAP signed a memorandum, agreeing to mutually support each organization's mission.  The full text of the CAP MOU is up on the site here.

09/07/2014 - IRun4Michael is an awesome opportunity to get your Squadron involved with the JNP.  Contact Cadet Savanah Sellars at to be paired with a buddy today!

07/28/2014 - JNP Article - AAS Cadets are out in their communities supporting children with disabilities