Jake Marino


Commander - C/Jake Marino

Jake Marino is originally a Massachusetts native, having grown up in Longmeadow. Jake achieved his childhood dream by earning his pilot slot this year. For as long as he could remember he wanted to fly and serve his country, so the Air Force was the perfect choice for him. The minute he joined AFROTC he was hooked and couldn’t get enough, which was a catalyst for him to join Arnold Air Society. He recently discovered a hidden passion of his: teaching. Jake volunteers with daycare groups and introduces them to flying and airplanes. Nothing makes him happier than seeing a child’s face light up the first time they sit in a cockpit. Engaging with the public by participating in fly-ins, he enjoys seeing people of all ages get excited about aviation. He decided to turn this passion into a job and recently earned his advanced ground instructor certificate, self-starting his own free private pilot ground course within Detachment 220. Jake is also an avid mountain climber – he enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.