EMC Address

Please note that the EMC address has changed as of 2013-2014! Please send all forms and packets for EMC to:

AFA, Suite 400
1501 Lee Highway
Arlington VA 22209

Co-Executive Directors

Brigadier General (ret) Dan Woodward
Major General (ret) Maggie Woodward

Executive Management Center

Marianne Williams

AAS National Staff

Position Name Email Address Phone Number
CC Courtney Conway commander@arnold-air.org 770.654.0756
CV Sarah Doll vice-commander@arnold-air.org 843.637.9754
DO Justin Bond operations@arnold-air.org 484.860.2980
DT Ryan Crone training@arnold-air.org 615.934.6722
PA Debra Adeyeye public-affairs@arnold-air.org 770.865.7450
DS Tristan Pertuit support@arnold-air.org 402.321.8454
FM Gabby Homolka financial-mgmt@arnold-air.org 256.585.5318
IM Corey Persons information-mgmt@arnold-air.org 662.352.4515
AFASWL Lauren Bloir afa-swl@arnold-air.org 719.200.4780
NCOP Nick Poe protocol@arnold-air.org 217.390.6284
NWM Jean Monneus webmaster@arnold-air.org 787.460.5357
NBC Levi Lunsford business-chair@arnold-air.org