EMC Address

Please note that the EMC address has changed as of 2013-2014! Please send all forms and packets for EMC to:

AFA, Suite 400
1501 Lee Highway
Arlington VA 22209

Co-Executive Directors

Brigadier General (ret) Dan Woodward
Major General (ret) Maggie Woodward

Executive Management Center

Marianne Williams

AAS National Staff

Position Name Email Address Phone Number
CC Jake Marino commander@arnold-air.org 413.847.1060
CV Robert Miller vice-commander@arnold-air.org 508.801.0803
DO Kenneth Pritchard operations@arnold-air.org 908.655.6953
DT Juan Byun training@arnold-air.org 949.769.4995
PA Sophia Korner public-affairs@arnold-air.org 502.523.8508
DS Alex Rosenzweig support@arnold-air.org 201.400.3174
FM Jared Zhu financial-mgmt@arnold-air.org 919.904.5958
IM Stefanie Antrican information-mgmt@arnold-air.org 513.659.6827
JRO Joshua Shetter joint-relations@arnold-air.org 317.409.0116
NCOP April Patko protocol@arnold-air.org 732.841.8281
NCOP XO Chris Guillotte protocol-xo@arnold-air.org 518.424.3339
NWM Nicholas Carrigan webmaster@arnold-air.org 703.798.3347
NBC John Dickey business-chair@arnold-air.org