AAS National Parliamentarian Application

BLUF:  Applications for AAS National Parliamentarian (NPAR) are now open!  The NPAR is applied for by any interested members, provided they meet the requirements discussed below.  Applications are due at 23:59 EST on Sat 1 Dec 2018 (disregard the current 15 Nov deadline in the AASMAN).
DESCRIPTION AND REQUIREMENTS:  The NPAR serves as an adviser to the National Commander and National Business Chairman on the issues of parliamentary procedure, agendas, membership conduct, resolutions, legislative matters, and other appropriate topics.  The NBC appoints the NPAR in coordination with the National CC and Board of Directors.  He/She holds the grade of AAS C/Lt Col and is considered an extended member of the National Staff.  The NPAR may be from any squadron in good standing, but may not be a member of the current or incoming National and NATCON HQs.  He/She also may not be set to commission before the 2020 NATCON.
APPLICATION:  Below are the two written components of a full NPAR application.  Submit all files as PDFs.
  1. A letter -- written in MFR format -- describing the candidate's qualifications, decorations, leadership experience, extracurricular involvement, etc.
  2. One to three letters of recommendation (no particular format required), one of which must be from the candidate's PAS.
Both written components must be emailed to [email protected]org by 23:59 EST on Sat 1 Dec for the application to be considered.  Ensure to cc [email protected], [email protected], and the respective Area CC.  After 1 Dec, applicants will complete telephone interviews.  The interviews will last throughout mid-December, and the NPAR will be notified of his/her selection before Christmas.
  1. Supervises ARPARs acting as runners at NATCON.
  2. Serves as a non-voting member of the Rules, Ways, & Means Committee (both Joint and AAS).
  3. Assists the NBC throughout NATCON.
  4. Collects and organizes resolutions leading up to NATCON.
  5. Along with the National Staffs and NBC, creates and maintains an active NATCON itinerary.
  6. Ensures time hacks are met throughout NATCON.
  7. Ensures that at least one copy of the most current versions of the AASMAN and Robert's Rules of Order are accessible in the NATCON command post, protocol suite, and business chair's table, and utilizes these documents as necessary should parliamentary issues/inquiries arise.
  8. Is the primary go-to for knowledge on the AASMAN and Robert's Rules of Order to ensure NATCON business sessions adhere to their rules, regulations, and mechanics.
  9. Ensures quorum requirements are met, distributing and collecting proxy forms as necessary.
  10. Calls AAS meetings and joint meetings (in coordination with their SW counterpart) to order.
  11. Leads roll call.
  12. Briefs NATCON attendees on proper parliamentary procedures.
  13. In coordination with the NATCON AV personnel, ensures resolutions are ready to be pulled up.
  14. Reads resolutions aloud to the NATCON general assembly verbatim.
  15. Conducts the question, debate, amendment, and voting processes on resolutions IAW Robert's Rules of Order.
  16. Adjourns business sessions.
  17. Sets a suspense date for NATCON minutes in coordination with the incoming National CC.
  18. Becomes the new NBC after the last NATCON joint business session.
  19. Performs any other duties assigned by the National CC or NBC.
Anyone is welcome to contact me directly about this position.  Thank you for reading through this... I hope to see many applications!

Very respectfully,
National Business Chairman
Lt William Glover Farrow Squadron
AFROTC Detachment 775
University of South Carolina