One of the primary roles of Arnold Air Society is service. We are a professional, honorary service organization. We strive to contribute and provice assistance to the community, campus, and officer commissioning programs. In addition, one of the vital elements of our vision statement is to "foster a synergistic society through selfless service of our dedicated members." We accomplish this in several ways:

Joint National Project:

Background: The primary focus of service in Arnold Air Society is on the Joint National Project. This project's theme is chosen each year at our joint national meeting (NATCON) with Silver Wings, and each AAS unit strives to get involved, together with local Silver Wings and Air Force Association units, in accomplishing goals towards the project.

This yearThe Joint National Project this year is called "Trafficking, Abuse, Prevention, and Support Network (TAPS)" which focuses on combatting and ending human trafficking as a nation.

Check out the Col Charles A. Lindbergh Squadron JNP Bid!

Air Force Association:

AFA Wounded AirmanThe AFA provides support to Airmen who are wounded in battle or stateside.  Once the AFA receives a request, they do their best to fulfill any need for support. Information on the program can be found here! Contact your local AFA chapter to get involved! This counts for JNP hours!

US CyberPatriot: CyberPatriot is a computer security competition geared towards Middle School and High School students, designed to engage their interest in the STEM career fields and promote a fun way of teaching computer security principles.  The nation's security rests in the hands of the people that stduy and develop security systems, and it is our duty to mentor them and lead those who are interested to a career in a STEM field.  Over 2100 teams participate annually.  You can get involved as a mentor (technical advisor) or coach (organize / run team practices).  The CyberPatriot website has more information!  80% of CyberPatriot participants indicate that they intend to pursue a degree in a STEM career field.  90% of CyberPatriot alumni / graduates are currently pursuing STEM degrees.  You have the ability to influence the next generation of leaders -- and this activity counts for STEM hours.

More information on contacting the AFA can be found here.

Civil Air Patrol:

The Civil Air Patrol has access to resources that we do not.  As the official auxiliary for the USAF, they are actively engaged with advocating airpower and honoring the United States of America and the United States Air Force.  

STEM Kits: CAP offers us free material to be involved with STEM.  Click here to order your free model airplanes, model rockets, or plastic helicopters!

Systems Toolkit (STK): We also have the wonderful opportunity to partner with CAP to help tutor and teach using the STK.  The STK is an easy-to-use software program "that allows engineers and scientists to design and develop complex dynamic simulations of real-world problems, especially those relating to satellites, spacecraft, and aircraft."  You can find out more about the STK here, and read more on the curriculum of the program here.  

MOUCAP and AAS signed a historic memorandum of understanding to better define operating principles between the two organizations.  You can read about the singning here.

You can view the full text of the agreement!  Bring a copy of this memo to your local CAP unit to get them invovled!

Air Force Junior ROTC:

AFJROTC is a unit of Holm Center that operates at a high school level to generate potential officer candidates for ROTC.  Participants of JROTC usually exhibit interest in both the Air Force and ROTC.

Interaction with AFJROTC affords us an opportunity to instill interest in National Defense, the USAF, AFROTC, and AAS.  They have agreed to provide mutual support in the efforts of community service, academic tutoring, and other aerospace education activities.  

MOU: AFJROTC and AAS signed a historic memorandum of understanding to better define the operating principles between the two organizations.  You can view the full text of the agreement. Bring a copy of this memo to any surrounding AFJROTC units to get them involved!

Other Projects: 

In addition to the JNP, each squadron, or unit of Arnold Air Society, is expected to direct all resources above and beyond toward the regional and community concerns determined by each unit.