Area CC Name Email Address Phone Number School
I Daniel Pesci [email protected] 315.558.3662 Syracuse University
II Connor Schumachur [email protected] 440.320.6108 Howard University
III Danielle Barth [email protected] 309.380.2940 NC State University
IV Tilo Moeller [email protected] 845.341.3950 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (DB)
V Casey Brumbeloe [email protected] 334.669.3932 Troy University
VI Clare Cunningham [email protected] 859.575.0098 University of Notre Dame
VII Thomas Donaldson [email protected] 602.703.4421 Saint Louis University
VIII Diana Myers [email protected] 719.205.8510 Air Force Academy
IX Christian Speight [email protected] 832.334.8831 University of Houston
X Dylan Brummett [email protected] 214.728.0511 University of Arizona
XI Nathan Lausmann [email protected] 971.241.6557 Oregon State University