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Background: The Air Force Association (AFA) is a non-profit, independent, and professional organization that promotes the public understanding of aerospace power and the important role it plays in the security of our nation. By being a member of the AFA, people can support the United States Air Force without having to join. All members of Silver Wings (SW) and Arnold Air Society (AAS) are also members of the AFA. To accomplish its mission, the AFA's focus is to educate, advocate, and support; and SW and AAS can help in all three aspects. The AFA can provide SW and AAS a connection to the community, career advice, funding, and a seasoned perspective; while SW and AAS can provide manpower and fresh ideas to AFA events. More information about the AFA can be found at You can also read more about how to approach your AFA chapter or what to do when you're having difficulties contacting your chapter or a myriad of other thoughts in this PDF

Interaction: As members of AAS and SW, we would encourage you to reach out to your local AFA chapter to build these relationships. Many of the AFA members are eager to see new faces and to share their knowledge and experiences with the younger generation, especially those who are recognizing the importance of air power in our military and for our own safety at home.

NATCON Assistance Partnership Program (NAPP): Starting in 2014, the NATCON Assistance Partnership Program was created between SW/AAS and the AFA. Through NAPP, AFA chapters can sponsor an Arnold Air Society or Silver Wings member for NATCON. This allows members the opportunity to attend who otherwise would not be able to afford the cost of registration and travel. To sponsor a member, AFA Chapters contact higher SW/AAS HQ and say they would like to sponsor someone. Then, SW/AAS higher HQ helps put them in contact with the closest chapter/squadron so a member can be selected.

Check out more information about NAPP here!