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About the AFCS

Working shoulder to shoulder, the AFCS supports and sustains the United States Air Force. Its aircraft. Its facilities. Its infrastructure. Its systems. And all 300,000 active duty Airmen.

The AFCS are the civilians who support and sustain the Air Force. At 180,000 strong, the AFCS too are a force to be reckoned with.

Shoulder to shoulder, nothing will deter the AFCS from success.

Working in over 600 occupations and professions the AFCS is the backbone of the Air Force. The AFCS are engineers working in research labs and social workers helping kids acclimate to new environments. The AFCS are physicians treating Airmen and their families. The AFCS are cyber security experts on the front line guarding against hackers. The AFCS are police officers, aircraft mechanics, nuclear physicists, and mathematicians. The AFCS are HR professionals, electricians, and rocket scientists. And so much more.

USAF is renowned for its unparalleled innovation and deployment of paradigm-shifting systems. AFCS is helping drive that innovation with a focus on breakthroughs in technology and in human potential.

To that end, the AFCS maintains research facilities and dedicated laboratories in 22 locations around the country. Staffed by over 16,000 civilians, these labs are on the cutting edge of discovery and innovation, and the AFCS' scientists and engineers work with technology and advanced equipment unavailable anywhere else.

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Programs for Students

Paid Internships:

-   Paid Internships are open to students enrolled at least half-time in a variety of qualifying accredited educational programs at high-school through graduate levels. Students can work part-time or full-time in jobs related to their field of study or interests.

Summer Hire Program:

-   For students looking for temporary summer employment and the opportunity to gain valuable and marketable work experience during the summer months, the Summer Hire Program is a terrific option. Not to mention you’ll be earning money while being exposed to the life and culture of AFCS.

SMART Scholarships (Science, Mathematics, and Reserach for Transformation):

-  These scholarships provide students currently pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in the STEM disciplines paid tuition and other educational expenses, a generous cash stipend, health insurance allowance, and paid summer internships at AFCS.

For more information, contact the AFCS at [email protected] or visit