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Silver Wings and Arnold Air Society


Holiday Inn, San Jose, CA      28-30 October 2016

Guest Speakers

Nancy Long

Nancy Long

Ms. Long has an extensive background as a human resources executive at several Silicon Valley Companies including Hitachi, O''Connor Hospital, and Hewlett Packard. Ms. Long has received several industry awards for her leadership and is currently a lecturer at the SJSU School of Management.

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Captain Dan Sheets, USAF

Captain Dan Sheets

Captain sheets is an intelligence officer in the USAF. He currently serves in the Defense Innovative Unit Experimental in Mountain View, CA. Capt Sheets works with Silicon Valley's most innovative institutions and companies to adapt cutting-edge technology for military purposes.

Brig Gen (Ret) Dan Woodward, USAF

Brig Gen (Ret) Dan Woodward

Brig Gen (Ret) Dan Woodward served in the USAF for 28 years. General Woodward has had over a dozen assignments during his tenure including Director of Regional Affairs in International Affairs, HQ USAF. General Woodward currently serves as one of the Executive Directors of Arnold Air SOciety and Silver Wings.

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Itinerary (summary)

  • Friday Check In: 1700
  • Saturday Banquet: 1900
  • Sunday Check Out: 1200

Things to do in San Jose

  • Explore the SJSU Campus
  • Experience the thriving university night life
  • Visit The Tech Museum of Innovation
  • Explore the New Almaden Quicksilver Mine
  • Get spooked at the Winchester Mystery House
  • Learn about Silicon Valley at the Intel Corporation and Museum

Registration and More Information

Register: $85

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