Candidate Support Line

If anyone needs to contact a trainer about hazing, maltraining or other issues

related to training from a squadron, please reach out to a cooresponding trainer.



National Name Email Phone Number
Purdue University Juan Byun [email protected] 949-769-4995


Area Name Email Phone Number
I Tyler Pirro [email protected] 315-416-9780
II Alexander Evers [email protected] 415-272-7875
III Jacob Naughton [email protected] 919-394-2169
IV Brock Pennington [email protected] 310-782-5995
V Mason DuBose [email protected] 334-494-8584
VI Jackson Swain [email protected] 317-385-5127
VII Colton Miller [email protected] 618-946-6988
VIII Chris Hoppe [email protected] 541-207-5436
IX Kyler Hearn [email protected] 832-301-2725
X Dylan Brummett [email protected] 214-728-0511
XI Zac Layton [email protected] 503-927-7398