John Dickey
Arnold Air Society National Business Chair

AAS NBC - C/John Dickey

Raised in the small, humble town of Clover, SC, John Dickey is the oldest of four siblings.  Growing up, he caught an early interest in soccer and long distance running, the latter becoming his favorite hobby throughout high school and into college.  Aside from being the National Business Chairman, John is also the incumbent WGF Squadron Commander.  He has previously served as National Parliamentarian, Area III Parliamentarian, Area-Region III Webmaster, WGF Squadron Public Affairs Officer, and WGF Squadron Webmaster, all of which was during his sophomore year.  Majoring in public health, John aspires to commission into the Air Force in May of 2020 as an intelligence officer, public affairs officer, acquisitions officer, or logistics readiness officer.  He looks up to his late grandfather, Capt Robert K. Dickey, as his main source of inspiration, in addition to all others who have provided service, both past and present, in our nation's defense.  In his free time John enjoys running, hiking, playing card games (especially Uno), and watching comedy shows/movies.

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