Jean Monneus

National Webmaster

NWM- C/Jean Monneus

Monneus was born in Miami Fl, grew up in Haiti, and currently lives in Puerto Rico, which makes him quadrilingual. Additionally to English, he speaks French, Spanish and Creole. During High School, he excelled at sports. He plays soccer, basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, you name it. His passion for aviation drove him to study Aviation Management, after commissioning he hopes to be an Aircraft Maintenance Officer.

As an Active member, Monneus held multiple positions during the planning and execution phase of the Area IV ARCON (PUERTORICON 2016), he was the Director of Information Manager and the ARCON Webmaster. Monneus was the Spring 2017 Candidate Training Officer for the Eagle, and is currently the Area IV Director of Training for 2017-2018. He is a motivated cadet, always willing to learn new things, and desires to contribute to the society. Due to his charismatic personality, his friends gave him the nickname of “Monney”, which resembles his last name.