National Sustainability Officer Application

NSO Introduction:

This position is open to only Silver Wings members. The National Sustainability Officer (NSO) can come from the same chapter as the National Staff since this position was originally split from the role of National Developmental Officer. The NSO serves to support chapters on the brink of inactivity, out of civilian/cadet ratio, or simply struggling to gain members. The NSO should maintain contact with struggling chapters and offer new ideas for recruiting members or gaining additional support.

Application Instructions:

In order to apply for the position of NSO, the applicant must:

    1. Fill out the attached application form
    2. Write a one-page essay describing: Your intent for becoming NSO, your thoughts for improving the position, why you're the best candidate
    3. Email a copy of the application and essay to the current NSO and National Headquarters

This application is due two weeks before NATCON (COB April 1st)

JOSEPH B. MURRAY, Silver Wings
National Sustainability Officer
Major Dennis H. Sattler Chapter
AFROTC Detachment 770
Clemson University