What is the Arnold Air Society - Silver Wings (Angel Flight) Educational Fund, Inc. (ASEF)?

The Arnold Air Society-Silver Wings (Angel Flight) Educational Fund (ASEF) is the charitable/educational arm of AAS and SW.


The ASEF was organized to raise funds for the following purposes:

ASEF Relation to AAS, SW, and JAA (Joint Alumni Association)

ASEF Critical Information for Donors

Information for Students with Donors Seeking Tax Exemption

The easiest way to start interfacing with ASEF for your donors to provide you tax exempt donations is for you to contact the ASEF Treasurer to get started. This permits the treasurer to be alerted to your effort, anticipate donations and help you get started on the correct track. Here is the contact information:

BGen (Ret) Dick Bundy
Phone: 302-382-9224
E-Mail: dickaf2001@gmail.com

The process is not complicated once we get it established. We can provide you with the IRS tax exempt EIN and a W-9 FORM if your contact donors want them. Checks can be made out to ASEF and sent to:

9006 Judiciary Drive
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553

You can use a third party funds gathering organization like Ironman or Guidestar that can then send us a check, but be aware that they will charge you a percentage, example 3 to 5 %, for their service. We can also receive donations via Paypal through our asef@arnold-air.org website, but they also charge for their services. You should also be aware that when you use the third party donation process that it takes 30 to 60 days for the funds to be processed and sent to us.

Once we receive the funds we will confirm this with you and then it takes about 5 to 7 days for you to receive your check. In 2016 we were able to support NATCON scholarships and two ARCONs.