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Squadrons of the Month

August - AAS National Member of the Month
AAS C/1st Lt Darius DeSpain
Lt. Col Horace Meek Hickam Squadron
University of Hawaii
Cadet Darius DeSpain jumpstarted the Hickam Squadron’s initiative to adopt a highway on a major interstate in Hawaii and orchestrated the recruitment of new Cadets during New Student Orientation, which led to his squadron doubling the size of its candidate class. He also coordinated multiple meetings with veterans at the Center for Aging at Tripler Army Medical Center, giving Arnies one on one time with our nation’s veterans from all wars dating back to WWII. For the JNP, he organized a “PB&J walk,” where his squadron made 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and walked down a strip in Hawaii feeding the homeless. He organized an event with senior NCOs for professional development and had has focused on developing good working relations with the local community. Way to start off strong Darius!

August - AAS National Squadron of the Month
LeMay Squadron
The Ohio State University
Lemay Squadron planned, organized, and executed a golf outing fundraiser, which raised over $4,125 for the squadron to use toward new POW/MIA equipment, service projects, and ARCON/NATCON scholarships. The squadron has scheduled 4 POW/MIA toasts, donated funds to multiple veteran service projects, and will be sending over 15 squadron members to ARCON. It did numerous fundraising activities for veteran groups, accumulating over 200 service hours over the summer on one project. The squadron also initiated an alumni outreach program for LeMay Squadron and Colonel Francis McGouldrick Chapter Alumni gaining mentorship opportunities from over 100 alumni. It is currently holding Area VI headquarters and plans on running for 2017 ARCON Staff for next year. Stay motivated Lemay Squadron!

September - AAS National Member of the Month
AAS C/1st Lt Alexander Schultze
Richard Ira Bong Squadron
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cadet Schultze as the Director of Training for his squadron helped to mentor 21 new members, producing the largest candidate class in his squadrons recent history. He worked to craft a new comprehensive candidate training plan based on revised regulation and rules which was sent in a timely manner to the area. His recruitment skills reached far as he recruited 21 potential members in ROTC required training and recruited 27 new members during fraternity rush which became the largest pledge class in their 144-year history to help secure the future of the squadron. Schultze spent 90 hours as a Badger Boys State counselor to mentor 30 high-performing high school seniors to foster an appreciation in government and patriotism. As a Veteran’s Museum cemetery tour guide, he educated over 100 patrons on Madison’s military history to promote appreciation of the sacrifices made to defend freedom. To further honor those who perished he researched and compiled a list of all Detachment alumni KIA/MIA, producing names and biographies for five individuals, educating fellow cadets on the sacrifices made by his det’s alumni. He earned 60 hours researching alumni KIA for his university, producing 200 bios and educating over 1000 fellow students through electronic kiosks listing names. As a DoD volunteer for the DPAA project, he produced casualty files for Wisconsin National Guard MIAs from WWII assisting in closure for families of the fallen. Schultze hard work to educate his peers on the struggles of our veterans and recruitment skills speak loud and clear in his actions. Keep up the great work Alex!

September - AAS National Squadron of the Month
Benjamin D. Foulois Squadron
University of Nortre DameThe Foulois Squadron while hosting their 4th annual Run Forrest Run 5/10K helped to raise over $15,000 this year alone and $35,000 total in 4 years, with proceeds going to the Gary Sinise Foundation. The run was a huge outreach with almost 500 runners on campus and online runners in 26 different states reaching national attention with speakers such as the MoH recipient Sammy L. Davis & Navy Seal Billy Wagasy. This run was able to raise money to help build a SMART home for USMC Sgt. Michael Frazier. To raise money for their squadron they held pedal cab rides during football games to help provide 7 full ARCON scholarships and multiple NATCON scholarships. To show their dedication to service they have had 100% of their squadron GreenDot trained, to contribute to the JNP and reduce sexual violence. Other examples are their squadrons actions to recycle bottle caps, creating community benches and raise awareness. In efforts to revitalize their squadron, they held their largest candidate class in recent years with 27 candidates. They have also worked with their developing SW chapter navigate through the university’s red tape in efforts to build a great relationship. Keep up the great work Foulois Squadron!

October - AAS National Member of the Month
AAS C/1st Lt Kirby Haigler
George V. Holloman Squadron
North Carolina State University
Cadet Haigler has done incredible work as a Candidate Training Officer with mentoring and leading his cadets. He led the candidate class to paint POW/MIA murals and AAS murals in NC State’s free expression tunnel giving their squadron a positive image on campus. He showed his candidates the importance of fitness, putting them through vigorous PT sessions getting them to an average score of 99.7. He kept his candidates informed of our JNP, and his high expectations led his candidate in their service project of collecting over 700 cans working with campus organization ‘Feed the Pack.’ He has set the example to cadets on how to succeed in AFROTC and instilled society traditions to future leaders of our Arnie nation.

October - AAS National Squadron of the Month
Ray Losano Squadron
University of Houston
Ray Losano Squadron has done extremely well with the JNP of Fighting Hunger. They produced over 200 JNP hours in the month of October, having cadets volunteer at soup kitchens and food banks. They made an account on Freerice.com and raised 4,610 grains of rice thus far by taking the time to answer trivia questions. In addition to their work in feeding the hungry, they have worked with their local AFA attending month meetings and luncheons. Seven members participated with the AFA at a Houston Air Show and raised roughly $17,000 for their detachment. The squadron has raised almost $100 by just walking/running for Charity Miles this month. By simply walking, they hope to raise $500 dollars by NATCON and donate the money to Feeding Hunger. Keep up the great work and creativity with contributing to our JNP Losano Squadron!

November - AAS National Member of the Month
AAS C/1st Lt Jordan Feliciano
General Curtis E Lemay Squadron
The Ohio State University
Cadet Feliciano has done an amazing job organizing and coordinating several volunteer events for the Lemay Squadron this semester. Besides events feeding the local community, he has organized events that have sent care packages to several Airmen deployed overseas. He got his campus involved by sending 296 letters to troops deployed to the Middle East, and he single handedly organized a tri-service Veteran’s Day Run where cadets and midshipman ran 50 miles for 12 hours straight raising awareness for our POW/MIA. With a decimated Silver Wings Chapter at his school, Feliciano took it upon himself to initiate 11 members to keep the Chapter from dying. His dedication to our country’s veterans will show as he presents his JNP Bid at NATCON 2017. He continued to support veterans with a detachment-wide clothing drive he led that collected 1301 garments of clothing for homeless veterans. He has raised money for our JNP on his campus and helped getting volunteers for an annual 5K that raised the money. His service even extended his projects to CAP, having Lemay members mentor younger cadets. Cadet Feliciano is the epitome of a fantastic Director of Operations and a model Arnie.

November - AAS National Squadron of the Month
Henry "Hap" Arnold Squadron
University of Cincinnati
Arnold Squadron has worked hard on this year’s JNP. They conducted a Thanksgiving Food Drive that collected 300+ cans that were donated to local food banks and also had 110 JNP hours in November. Working with Silver Wings, they served at the Disabled Veterans of America 5K, a race that raised thousands of dollars to help disabled vets. They spent time fundraising with the athletic department and raised $7000 for scholarships for NATCON. Four members of Arnold Squadron were selected to perform as the honor guard for the “Hometown Heroes” football game. AAS showed their competency by hosting the Dining Out for their detachment, and morale is high for Arnold Squadron, as they have hosted several morale events including a chili cook-off against Army ROTC. Stay motivated Arnold Squadron!

January - AAS National Member of the Month
AAS C/Maj Ian N Dignan
Lt Gen Frank M. Andrews Squadron
University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Cadet Ian Dignan has helped revitalize his squadron in several ways. As an AFA Liaison, he attends monthly meetings and encourages other squadron members to attend. The squadron now updates the local AFA’s website and has two retired Generals coming to speak, a great professional development opportunity for cadets. He is working on garnering funds from the AFA to help members of his squadron attend NATCON. He is organizing a JNP service event that will cut labor costs for a community farm that donates its freshly grown produce to families in need. Dignan has also helped keep his community clean, by leading a group that picked up 14 bags of trash in Knoxville. He is set to serve as DOT and will continue teaching small unit tactics, which has recently boosted squadron morale with the help of Tennessee Valley Authority Nuclear Defense Team. His constant thinking has helped his squadron volunteer in creative ways and give back to their community. Keep up the great work Ian!

January - AAS National Squadron of the Month
Captain Wilbur S. Darby Squadron
Rutgers University
Darby Squadron contributed to our JNP by dedicating 30 hours of Service at Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen, serving food to those in need during the holiday season. Not forgetting those who came before them, they visited Menlo Park Veteran’s Home and played bingo with veterans while hearing their stories. With hopes to leave a positive impact on future officers, they spent 40 hours judging and mentoring 500 JROTC cadets at an all-day drill competition. Darby Squadron helped boost the morale of our troops overseas by sending care packages to those deployed over the holidays with the help of Operation Jersey Cares. Keep finding ways to give back Darby Squadron!