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Squadrons of the Month

August - AAS National Member of the Month
AAS C/1st Lt Darius DeSpain
Lt. Col Horace Meek Hickam Squadron
University of Hawaii
Cadet Darius DeSpain jumpstarted the Hickam Squadron’s initiative to adopt a highway on a major interstate in Hawaii and orchestrated the recruitment of new Cadets during New Student Orientation, which led to his squadron doubling the size of its candidate class. He also coordinated multiple meetings with veterans at the Center for Aging at Tripler Army Medical Center, giving Arnies one on one time with our nation’s veterans from all wars dating back to WWII. For the JNP, he organized a “PB&J walk,” where his squadron made 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and walked down a strip in Hawaii feeding the homeless. He organized an event with senior NCOs for professional development and had has focused on developing good working relations with the local community. Way to start off strong Darius!

August - AAS National Squadron of the Month
LeMay Squadron
The Ohio State University
Lemay Squadron planned, organized, and executed a golf outing fundraiser, which raised over $4,125 for the squadron to use toward new POW/MIA equipment, service projects, and ARCON/NATCON scholarships. The squadron has scheduled 4 POW/MIA toasts, donated funds to multiple veteran service projects, and will be sending over 15 squadron members to ARCON. It did numerous fundraising activities for veteran groups, accumulating over 200 service hours over the summer on one project. The squadron also initiated an alumni outreach program for LeMay Squadron and Colonel Francis McGouldrick Chapter Alumni gaining mentorship opportunities from over 100 alumni. It is currently holding Area VI headquarters and plans on running for 2017 ARCON Staff for next year. Stay motivated Lemay Squadron!

September - AAS National Member of the Month
AAS C/1st Lt Alexander Schultze
Richard Ira Bong Squadron
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cadet Schultze as the Director of Training for his squadron helped to mentor 21 new members, producing the largest candidate class in his squadrons recent history. He worked to craft a new comprehensive candidate training plan based on revised regulation and rules which was sent in a timely manner to the area. His recruitment skills reached far as he recruited 21 potential members in ROTC required training and recruited 27 new members during fraternity rush which became the largest pledge class in their 144-year history to help secure the future of the squadron. Schultze spent 90 hours as a Badger Boys State counselor to mentor 30 high-performing high school seniors to foster an appreciation in government and patriotism. As a Veteran’s Museum cemetery tour guide, he educated over 100 patrons on Madison’s military history to promote appreciation of the sacrifices made to defend freedom. To further honor those who perished he researched and compiled a list of all Detachment alumni KIA/MIA, producing names and biographies for five individuals, educating fellow cadets on the sacrifices made by his det’s alumni. He earned 60 hours researching alumni KIA for his university, producing 200 bios and educating over 1000 fellow students through electronic kiosks listing names. As a DoD volunteer for the DPAA project, he produced casualty files for Wisconsin National Guard MIAs from WWII assisting in closure for families of the fallen. Schultze hard work to educate his peers on the struggles of our veterans and recruitment skills speak loud and clear in his actions. Keep up the great work Alex!

September - AAS National Squadron of the Month
Benjamin D. Foulois Squadron
University of Nortre DameThe Foulois Squadron while hosting their 4th annual Run Forrest Run 5/10K helped to raise over $15,000 this year alone and $35,000 total in 4 years, with proceeds going to the Gary Sinise Foundation. The run was a huge outreach with almost 500 runners on campus and online runners in 26 different states reaching national attention with speakers such as the MoH recipient Sammy L. Davis & Navy Seal Billy Wagasy. This run was able to raise money to help build a SMART home for USMC Sgt. Michael Frazier. To raise money for their squadron they held pedal cab rides during football games to help provide 7 full ARCON scholarships and multiple NATCON scholarships. To show their dedication to service they have had 100% of their squadron GreenDot trained, to contribute to the JNP and reduce sexual violence. Other examples are their squadrons actions to recycle bottle caps, creating community benches and raise awareness. In efforts to revitalize their squadron, they held their largest candidate class in recent years with 27 candidates. They have also worked with their developing SW chapter navigate through the university’s red tape in efforts to build a great relationship. Keep up the great work Foulois Squadron!

October - AAS National Member of the Month
AAS C/1stLt Nicholas Fisher
TSGT Robert E. Lamotte Squadron
                        Michigan Tech University                         Cadet Fisher spread POW/MIA awareness through coordination of a 5K run, these proceeds went to a local VFW chapter. He personally invested over 30 hours and coordinated 12 AAS cadets for a successful run raising $278 for VFW meals. To assist the elderly, he lead a team of 18 people in cutting wood in order to supply the elderly for a cold winter. His actions in recruitment involved creating an innovative shooting range MWR for interested candidates, going as far to supply his own weapons and ammo at a personal cost for 8 non-AAS cadets. His actions in his university as the lead organizer for Cadet Day of Service at Michigan Tech University involved rallying 11 cadets to volunteer for over 32 hours through this program. To support joint relations, he has attended SW recruitment meetings as an AAS representative so that new associates of SW learned about AAS and form a more close-knit relationship. He is known as a fundraising maniac as he ran the detachment haunted house as a major fundraising project which allowed the detachment to have FTX and take professional development trips. In his areas ARCON as the DO he was responsible for all logistics, operations, banquet, and guest speakers. He personally invested 72 hours in the week leading up to and during ARCON, which received over 85% of SQ attendance and was also the MC for his banquet dinner. Great job on your hard work Nicholas!
October - AAS National Squadron of the Month
TSGT Robert E. Lamotte Squadron
Michigan Tech University
The Lamotte Squadron hosted the area 6 ARCON putting over 520 hours of work by their staff, with amazing area representation and the first time this squadron ever held an ARCON they were lauded by national staff. The squadron used a unique recruiting event by utilizing a shooting MWR which ended with 8 new recruits. For their Cadet Day of Service, they had 11 actives rake leaves and tidy up their community earning 33 hours. They participated in a Haunted Mine Tour, a local community event used as a fundraiser, with SW they helped to increase the community’s knowledge in their programs. They helped in a Charity Miles where they ran over 125 miles to raise proceeds in supporting needy veterans. They help support their VFW by providing logistical support for the dinner fundraiser.

November - AAS National Member of the Month
AAS C/1 st Lt Alyssa Jessen
James V. Hartinger
                         University of South Florida                           Jessen has performed exceptionally well she organized a cadet mental status accountability sheet to improve the ability to track mental health and deter poor mental health. She has drafted templates from tracking form 158s, which have increased the ability to track trends and help monitor down trending cadets. As her squadrons Deputy Training Officer for AAS she has enhanced her leadership training of cadets and has taken action in a greater Wing performance. She is also the Financial Manager for AAS, she has directed the budget and fundraising for her squadron. She has significantly self-improved herself by upholding a strict self-standard for D&C, this has ensured proper training correction. Jessen has also assisted on of her fellow cadets, C/Ohsiek during a time of hardship; providing food and shelter. Jessen has also had campus and community involvement by being an Advisory Council Member for Women Who Ignite Student Engagement which promotes the advancement of women. She has also supervised FTP drill socials and has helped to increase FTP D&C knowledge for cadets. Alyssa you have worked hard and have shined brightly, keep up the good work!
November - AAS National Squadron of the Month
Bernie V. Guthrie Squadron
South Dakota State University
The Guthrie Squadron has performed in an extraordinary manner in order to uphold the professional, honorary, and service aspects that create AAS. In November alone, they have completed a total of 182 hours dedicated to furthering the three basic aspects that make up AAS. They started a monthly service project spending time with local veterans in a retirement home. The Guthrie Squadron successfully coordinated and spearheaded a 24-hour vigil to honor our nation’s veterans. Their cadets kept watch over the Brookings Veterans Memorial in below freezing temperatures doing 30-minute shift rotations starting at 1100 on 10 Nov 17 and ending on 11 Nov 17. The cadets generated community recognition of Veteran’s Sacrifice, coordinated a flyover with two T-6 Titans, worked with local newspapers and businesses, involved SW in their ceremonies, involved Army ROTC cadets in marching/tent festivities, and organized a speaker, Captain Bak, to come and talk about the sacrifice of Veterans and their
families. The Bernie V. Guthrie Squadron has also gone to great length to implement effective
fundraising by working with local businesses, they were able to contribute a total of $110 to the current fundraising sum of $1494. The Guthrie Squadron has worked hard together, keep up the great work guys!