Robert Miller

Vice Commander

Vice Commander - C/Robert Miller

Robert Miller hails from Medfield, MA, a suburb 45 minutes from Boston. His grandfather was a Naval fighter pilot, and ever since he was young, he was fascinated by his grandfather’s stories of flying in WWII. Despite his early interest in the military, he was unsure about which branch to join. Enrolling in AFROTC was a last minute decision, as was joining AAS. Fortunately, he found a great passion for both and is excited to serve in the Air Force. In AFROTC, Robert was a morale officer, organizing morale events, as well as a standardization officer, keeping track of detailed standardizations for an entire AS class. In his AAS squadron, he served as the Recruitment Officer, recruiting the second largest Candidate Class in the squadron’s history. In his personal life, he is working towards his Private Pilot’s License and is very involved in his school work, but also enjoys an occasional nap.