Unaffiliated Internships are those that we've heard awesome things from our members about, but that we don't have an ongoing agreement with through Arnold Air Society or Silver Wings. These are independent internships that you will have to apply to externally, but that can be hugely beneficial (and not to mention just an awesome experience!)

If you want to work on challenging national security issues and make a difference in protecting our nation, consider the National Security Agency. Internships are available in many different areas, including Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Languages, Human Resources, Logistics, Intelligence Analysis, and more. Take a look to learn more!

NSA Internship

Intel Corporation offers many different Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Business Marketing and Finance internships. They give you real work to be done, everything from testing to programming to business analytics marketing.
I had the opportunity to do firmware programming on Intel SSDs. I met and worked with some really cool, incredibly intelligent people, who were more than willing to help me out with my projects when I needed input.
-Nicole Wallenhorst, National Webmaster 2014-2015

Intel Corp Internship

 BAE systems is a defense contractor for the US Armed Forces, particularly the Department of the Air Force and Department of the Navy.  Their business is divided into many sectors ranging from defense and warfighter survivability to commercial products such as hybrid engines (land based) and engine control systems (air systems). They have internships available in engineering, business, software, and even public relations / human resources.  The company is aware of AAS and SW, and the leadership opportunities from our organizations will stand out on applications.  As an intern at BAE, I had the opportunity to work on innovative embedded software that will enter the Air Force when I do.  It is a unique experience in a military friendly environment.  I have gone back 3 years in a row and will continue to work there while awaiting my first assignment.
- John McCarthy, National Commander 2014-2015
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