National Chief of Protocol Application

NCOP Introduction

Do you wish that you could be on National Staff? Does your Chapter/Squadron not have the resources or man power to even think about running? Well you are in luck. There is a way that you can make your own successful path by making a difference in Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings.

What Do We Do?

My name is Joshua and I am your National Chief of Protocol (NCOP). The NCOP position has given me with so many opportunities this past year. I attended Executive Boards in Washington DC where I shadowed and learned from our greatest Air Force leaders. I had the pleasure of shaking hands with the Air Force Chief of Staff, watch live as the B-21 was named the B-21 "Raider," and speak with many influential Air Force officers and affiliated civilians. Then, I got to help plan 11 Area/Region Conclaves across the nation and watched each staff grow with organizational skills and courage.

Right now I am helping my peers plan IMAGINATCON where I will be meeting Distinguished Visitors from all over the globe, organizing banquets and enjoying every step along the way! I could never do this alone, Trent Briscoe, the National Chief of Protocol XO (NCOP XO), has been there through the late nights supporting enormously. He will do wonders when he is off to CSO training after graduation in May. The best part about this position is, YOU DO NOT NEED ANY PROTOCOL EXPERIENCE. In fact, I came into this position with very little.

So How Do You Apply?

Linked you will find an 'NCOP Application Memorandum', which will give you explicit instructions on the application process. This packet is due to me no later than March 7, 2017 EOD (23:59) ET. Extensions will be considered on a case to case basis. There are two positions to be applied for, National Chief of Protocol and National Chief of Protocol XO, but the process will be the same. Once the new NCOP is chosen out of the five candidates, the new NCOP will then choose their NCOP XO from the remaining four candidates in a separate interview. You will also find the Joint Protocol Manual (JPM), Arnold Air Society Manual (AASMAN) and Silver Wings Manual (SWM) attached for your convenience.

I hope to see many applications and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very Respectfully,

National Chief of Protocol
Capt. Iven C. Kincheloe Jr. Squadron
AFROTC Detachment 220
Purdue University