SW National Parliamentarian Application

This officer is appointed by the National Business Chair and confirmed by the National President.  Normally, the National Parliamentarian is at the sophomore or junior academic level.  Each Region President should attempt to secure at least one applicant from their Region.

      a.   Selection:  The National Parliamentarian is selected by the National Business Chair using the National Parliamentarian Application Form, SW Form 12.  Applications are to be filled out and emailed to the National Business Chair([email protected]), National President([email protected]), and Executive Director (EMC: [email protected]) NOT LATER THAN 1 December of each year.  Nominees may be any active member of SW and are judged based on overall experience in parliamentary procedure and knowledge of SW and its procedures.  The National Business Chair screens all nominees and selects a candidate for National Parliamentarian NOT LATER THAN 15 January. The National President confirms or rejects the selection made by the National Business Chair and all applicants are formally notified in writing by 1 February.  In the event that no applications are received by the deadline, the National President informs all Region Presidents of the vacancy and sets a new application deadline.  A parliamentarian or successor to the NBC must be appointed before roll call of the first SW Separate Session at the National Conclave.  If necessary, applicants may be solicited at this time.

      b.   Duties: 

1. Processing Proxy Vote Forms at the National Conclave and ruling on points of order during NATCON business sessions.

2. Counting votes and insuring accuracy of voting procedures at NATCON.

3.Serving as an advisor to the National President and NBC on the issues of parliamentary procedure, agendas, members' conduct, resolutions, legislative matters, and other appropriate topics.

4. Acting as an apprentice to the NBC and serving as their assistant during NATCON.

5. Acting as or supervising runners for the Business Chair during the National Conclave.

6. Becoming the National Business Chair following performance of the duties of National Parliamentarian at the National Conclave.  Additionally, the Parliamentarian should be prepared to assume the duties of the National Business Chair before this time, should circumstances require replacement of the National Business Chair.  Accession to the office of NBC is approved by the National President based on successful completion of National Parliamentarian duties.

7. Serving as a non-voting member of the Joint and SW Rules, Ways, and Means Committees (RWMC) of the Executive Board, as well as serving on both Executive Boards.

8. Taking attendance at NATCON and calculating and reporting quorum statistics to the NBC.

9. Compiling a packet of manual changes based on the NATCON resolutions to be sent to the National Administrative Consultant within thirty (30) days of the National Conclave.  

Christina Meehan-Vernon, Silver Wings
National Business Chair
David L. "Bullit" Curtis Robinson Chapter
AFROTC Detachment 027
Northern Arizona University
[email protected]