Joint National Project

2018 JNP - Disaster Relief

Each year, Silver Wings and Arnold Air Society elect a Joint National Project, to focus their service hours and to establish good relationships with one another, along with their local AFA chapter.

The Joint National Project this year is called "Disaster Prevention & Relief" which focuses on combatting and aiding in Disaster Prevention and Relief as a nation.

Check out the Disaster Relief PowerPoint!

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Signature National Project

Every 3 years, Silver Wings elects a Signature National Project, to supplement the Joint National Project and focus on a way to grow our own identity as civilian supporters of the military.

The SNP this year is "Mental Health Education and Awareness". Mental Health Awareness and Education targets both Mental Health Disorders (such as Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD) and Intellectual Disabilities (such as Autism and Down Syndrome). This project provides national appeal and due to its broadness, allows chapters to have the ability to be flexible when planning events, creating the opportunity for more hands-on events.